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This  course offers an undergraduate degree in Herbal Products i.e. theory and practical knowledge in the field of herbal products.

The course focuses on plant based drugs, active ingredients contained in drugs, their use and stability, and production techniques. In addition students will be able to perform quality control tests, and will be aware of deontological rules and legislation which apply to various aspects of their profession.


The course syllabus includes:

 v      basic knowledge of general and inorganic and organic chemistry;

v      the basics of animal and plant biology; biochemistry and applied biochemistry; microbiology;

v      notions on phytochemistry, methods of extraction and chemical analysis of the active ingredients from plants, interaction of active ingredients with biological substrates, pharmacognosy, toxicology and problems linked to technologies used to make preparations;

v      knowledge of  genetics applied to farming, plant diseases,  agronomy and herbal cultivation, economics and assessment of rural areas;

v      knowledge of at least one of the European union languages, as well as  Italian;

v      Basic ITC.

Career opportunities

Working opportunities in the field of herbal products in the areas of identification, gathering and working with plants and herbs, processing, packaging, sales, quality control of plants, their parts and derivatives

Admission requirements


Italian High School certificate (or another equivalent foreign certificate) or any degree.

Selective entrance test.

Degree Course Coordinator: Prof. Patrizia RUBIOLO


Via Giuria 9 10125 Torino





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